The Time Rag Department
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Old Time Jazz in all its colours...

by Anton Wunderlich - vocals, trombone

The Time Rag Department was found out of love for the melodies, rhythms and sounds of the early jazz era. Sounds, that invite the audience to a journey in time, ask for a dance and convey the joy that indwells the music. The musicians dedicate themselves with wild devotion to the tradition of Old Time Jazz in all its colours: in full attention to details and events, inspired by sound of Paul Whiteman and Duke Ellington - or untamed and passionate, winged by the sounds of New Orleans Jazz, known from Bunk Johnson and Sidney Bechet.

Polyphonic singing and bracing horn section passages are being replaced by virtuosic solos and collective improvisations, steadily fuelled by an unerring rhythm section. Now the Time Rag Department swings and stomps just like a steam engine - right the next moment rhythm is sailing along, effortlessly and elegant.

Alongside numerous nationwide and international appearances, the Time Rag Department can be heard twice a week in Berlin since 2015: every thursday in the ballroom of the Villa Neukölln, and every sunday in Prenzlauer Berg's smoky "Speiche's Bluesbar". Over the time it originated a substantial and multilayered repertoire, which is being ever-expanded and refined. The ensemble thus became an inherent part of the Berlin live music culture.


by Carl-Gustav V.

Casually dressed, the gentlemen of the band seduce the mesdames in the audience with a masterly command of their instruments. Charlene Jean, the nightingale of the third backyard, sings of exotic diseases and unfulfilled desires, dressed in an evening gown and slightly bleary-eyed. Anton Wunderlich, the bands leader, grasps for the microphone and croaks with a strong voice about slave girls and flying carpets.

Nassplattenfoto des Time Rag Department

An unforgettable evening, one cannot recall. If you are being expected home by your spouse, you should consider once, if spending the night in the open isn't the favourable option after their concert. A breeze of madness wafts the troupe. Euphoria turns into nervousness and culminates in ecstasy. Everyone comes to his expense.

Press review

"Das Time Rag Department (…) besteigt die Lions Bühne und spielt sich mit professioneller Hingabe (…) sofort in die Herzen des Publikums. Mit ihrer unglaublichen Spielfreude steigern sie sich immer mehr und mehr bis diese kochende Begeisterung einfach überschwappt und in laut tosendem Beifall endet."

Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung, 27.08.2017

"The Time Rag Department’s secret mission is to build a time machine and bring back the authentic music of the early Jazz era.This is, of course, a metaphor, because they are the time machine, their instruments are the buttons, screws and gears – and they already brought back the hottest Ragtime and Swing music Berlin has to offer. With their variety of music in different styles and tempos, their sets promise a lot of fun (…)"

Cirque Du Solo, 2015

"Es hielt die Zuhörer kaum auf den Stühlen, lange, anhaltende, stehende Ovationen..."

Lokalkompass Moers, 30.04.2014

" Es gibt Rhythmen, denen man sich nur schwer entziehen kann... (…) Gemeinsam teilen sie (die Band) die Begeisterung für die Melodien und Rhythmen des frühen Jazz und vermitteln die der Musik innewohnende Freude an die Zuhörer. (…) die Swingmusik der „Goldenen Zwanziger" wieder aufleben zu lassen. (…)"

Rheinische Post, 12.03.2013